How to get VEILED with a modern twist? The secret is simple, what else are you wearing? It seems many brides pause for thought (quite a long, anxious one) when it comes to making this decision, to veil or not to veil? My answer is quite simple... 











Unless it is an ABSOLUTELY NO from you.






So, what else are you wearing?

Is it modern? Is it fashionable? Is it non-traditionally bridal?

If so, by adding a veil to it you are already creating a whole new bold look. I say YES to the veil, even if only for a minute. The final touch to any bridal outfit is with the small and sometimes mighty character you can add to it with a veil. Today, there are some incredible ways you can recreate your bridal look by simply throwing on a veil - finishing off the story with a beautiful veil to say here comes the Bride with a whole new meaning!






some of our favourite veil looks are all about what else is going on ... it's the final addition to the outfit NOT covering it up


We have been working very hard on creating a bigger Bowie Rae wardrobe, so while we have some staple veils available to try in our showroom - be patient as we create our very own signature Bowie Veils to match our very unique signature Bowie pieces - 








and more to come ...



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