Classic, sleek and fashionable
A look that won't lose any wow factor in time.
All about contrast, texture and the play between the
feminine and the masculine
The newest duo Melody bodice paired with our Diana skirt
is a gown is the perfect look for the modern bride who still
longs for a hint of classic romance

BFS 3 from Bowie Rae on Vimeo.

Styling Sessions 
This look is all about contrast;
the play between the bold and the beautiful
polka dots and structured pleats
sheer tulle and a silk/cotton blend skirt
something feminine paired with something bold.
It's our take on the feminine,
for the tulle lovers who still want something structured, bold and fashion-infused.
A definite favourite for all of us here at Bowie 
looking to tell an original story with our wardrobe staples.

  Details that won't get lost
and a final look that will remain as timeless as it does modern
Now available to play dress ups at
Your Art Bridal - Thirroul, NSW
Bowie Rae - 'Virtually Everywhere'
Bloom Australia - Brisbane
The Ivory - Singapore


Thank you to the local BSF team
Seascape Photography
Chantelle Elliot Makeup
Ellen Knight
Your Art Bridal