DYLAN bodice
DYLAN bodice
DYLAN bodice
DYLAN bodice
DYLAN bodice

    DYLAN bodice


      We are a made to order bridal label that really wants to put You first. This is how the ordering process works with Bowie Rae:

      • FABRIC SELECTIONS : Most of our pieces are available in various fabric selections. While we have made every effort to show you all of these samples, not every option is included in the images provided. We understand it can be a leap of faith making fabric selections without being able to see and feel them, so we offer sample selection packages. Order sample pack here.

      • SEPARATES OR DRESS : Most pieces are available as separates so you can match them with the ones You love most, but they don't have to stay that way. To put you in control, most of our separates can be made to order as gowns. Just add the separates you love in the cart and select to have them made as a dress or to remain as separates in the notes box provided.

      • STYLE OPTIONS : Be sure to read all the available options with each garment as some pieces have various options when it comes to button selections, fastenings and colour options.

      • WE CAN HELP : If you're not really sure which way to go, we're here to help. Contact us and we can direct you when it comes to making the best decision for your day - contact us

       The Dylan Bodice.

      A Bandeau style bodice to keep a classic, structured and sophisticated look to your Bowie Rae. We love the sleek signature this neckline offers - customise elements like the size and shape of your straps to create the final look. The Dylan Bodice pairs beautifully with all of our bottoms to create an effortless and fashion-infused understated bridal look.




      • Bandeau style bodice
      • straps or strapless (size of straps are customisable)
      • option for buttons along centre back or invisible zipper




      • 95% Polyester 5% Spandex 
      • Silk/ Cotton/ Viscose Blend
      • 100% Silk
      • This bodice can be paired with any one of our skirts or pants 



      • Prices vary due to fabric and style selections as well as international currencies. Please enquire to learn more about your favourite looks. 


      + NEED HELP?

      We understand this is a huge decision, and we want to ensure that you make your choice with absolute confidence. If you are still unsure about how you can wear this piece of Bowie Rae Your Way, why not order a sample fabric selections pack?   Enquire now at hello@bowierae.com