Life in Isolation

A special note from our designer

We've been busy getting un-busy and that turned out to be very productive, insightful and life-changing

It's been a colossal year so far - not that I need to tell you, we were in it together and we still are. 

That's been the biggest change for us, the sense of unification in all this- usually if you have a rough year, it's something you need to explain to others, a personal story you are sharing. This time, despite our own versions of it, we have all been part of what has made 2020 a year that we will never forget. 

Losing baggage I didn't realise I was carrying and truly discovering just how fast I have been traveling the last few years. It was a welcome reality check that I didn't quite believe I needed. Initial resistance of lockdowns and 'stillness' was quickly met with appreciation and gratitude- despite the widespread devastation and tragedy, we have found a way to grow in it. Using this moment in History to check ourselves and re-write the future, one for Bowie Rae and the world around us. 

So what have we been up to in isolation?


I often speak of the importance of becoming more conscious with you because I know you, I've personally met with you and spoken with you and shared ideas and thoughts with you-

I love that I am still personally fitting you and in that I have discovered that we are one in the same. That we are all on a journey to become more conscious; conscious creators, conscious consumers and conscious individuals. Thinking about what we are creating and why, what we are buying and why and of course, what we believe in and why. 

It was in meeting with you that I learnt you are passionate and empathetic about the way in which things are created. I learnt that you are passionate and creative in the way you represent yourself. You do not accept another's definition of you, instead, you are determined to define yourself. 

You came to Bowie Rae because you felt relieved in being found and identified, as a non-bridey-bride. You liked how it felt to step into your own skin and I loved seeing you find that skin in my very own designs.

But what if I told you that you are a bridey-bride? What if we finally acknowledged as a collective, that all brides should be bridey-brides and that this should not be tainted any longer- that it can simply mean you are getting married and are looking for an outfit that you want to wear for that Historical moment of your life.

And then,

What if I told you that you can do it, your way?



From the beginning, Bowie Rae was meant to be a cooler and more dramatic representation of bridal - something brides could use to create their very own statement piece so that no two Bowie Brides need look the same. 

Life in isolation really gave us the time to redefine this model and create a simpler and unique approach on how to do this- a range of separates that all work together to create multiple Bowie Rae looks. 


We all know what it's like to love one part of a dress but wish the other half was different. What if you could have a 'bespoke' gown experience without the price tag or the overwhelm of custom made gowns. We've seen it all and been through it all and now we know, some choice is empowering, too much choice is overwhelming, not enough choice is discouraging. 

I have been waiting for restrictions to lift so we can showcase all the ways you can style your own Bowie Rae- while the options are endless, we are working to bring you the Bowie Style Files, a space where you can see some of our favourite Bowie combinations and just how you can style them, your way- so #watchthisspace



We are taking slow steps to get back to business, taking appointments again and spreading ourselves across the world - all with very considered and conscious steps moving forward. Your belief and comfort in our brand means everything to us, and we will do everything to continually build that trust with you so that Bowie Rae will always feel like your second skin, so that we will always remind you to define your own style and create your own way in all you do- most especially when you do bride - Make your Appointment now to learn how you can do Bridal Your Way

Mannie xx


Photography by @stellarhours

Location - Your Art Bridal



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