bowie rae -  series 2

Because some traditions were born to last / Inspired by our mothers and theirs, we just love a good outfit change. Whether you’re suiting up for the ceremony, the dinner or the after party, it’s the procession of it all that we want to bring back. An entire collection inspired by the details of our favourite era’s, bringing a simplicity back to being the Bride. Like all things Bowie Rae, even the simplest things in life need a bold edge. Take your bridal get up to the next level with these Suited separates and as always with Bowie Rae, you wear them your way.

Shot entirely on film as an ode to a much simpler time, where waiting for something didn’t seem as long or impossible. We love so much about today yet often find ourselves nostalgic over the less-instant lifestyle we grew up in. Film, records and slow fashion that meant bad trends lasted a few years too long. There is something about shooting on film that made this all so much more exciting and authentic. If SERIES 2 was inspired by the fashion of the 80s and 90s, then shooting it all on film was essential to capture the spirit of it all. Like all things Bowie Rae, we know it’s not for everyone and it wasn’t made that way… we’ve done it specifically for you; the bold and the brave, The Bowie Rae x