Bowie Rae Bridal



We don’t believe in a one time gown and neither do you. This is why we know that you and Bowie are a perfect match. Bowie Rae is made for you, the price tag is one that reflects our ethical promise to explore and practise sustainable, slow fashion. The price is higher because of this promise however, we know you agree that if we all pay a little more now, it won’t cost the Earth any more than it has to.

We want to be transparent with you about all the ways we have been conscious in the production of Bowie Rae to keep our footprint small, although we will be the first to say that our footprint can always get smaller. This is why we are committed to consistently learn new ways to do this better.

We are always working closely with our suppliers to learn more about where our fabric comes from and the History of how it was made. In this way, we have decided to pull a few articles from production and look to source more natural fibres from mills that undertake their own measures to keep their carbon footprint low. We care deeply about the process and the story of our beginnings, from the impact it has on the people who brought this fabric to us, to the impact we have had on the land. Together, we are making more conscious decisions about what fabric selections we keep in production, while we experiment with more innovative natural and recycled fibres. Watch our journal space as we take you on our journey towards an even slower, more conscious journey in making your BOWIE RAE.



Why is this important? We want to keep BOWIE RAE home for many reasons. For starters, the Australian fashion industry simply needs opportunities to grow. The more Australian designers that stay on shore, the larger the industry can grow. We are determined to help Australian fashion houses and trades grow. With approximately 6.8 percent (or $250 million) in total sales contributing to exports, BOWIE RAE is all the more determined to keep our entire production line on shore to help re-invigorate the fashion trade right here in Australia.

In keeping everything transparent and real, this has been a very difficult and costly decision for us. As a small ready-to-order bridal label, keeping all production on shore has had its challenges. The fashion trade in Australia is getting even smaller and thus, becoming increasingly difficult to remain competitive. However, while taking production off-shore might help our profit margin, it will certainly contribute to the ever decreasing on-shore production in Australia. This is why BOWIE RAE will work closely with Australian suppliers and manufacturers to keep our own fashion-industry alive, hopefully even thriving now that the world seems to be in a perpetual state of lockdown. Follow our journal to meet the team behind BOWIE RAE, a team that is slowly expanding but always remaining right here, in Australia.