We've all learnt a thing or two from the year that just was and while everyone seems quick to exhale 2020 and inhale 2021, I am wary that the year ahead will require the same amount of patience, unlearning and conscious living that 2020 seemed to be preparing us for. If I have learnt anything form the tumultuous year of 2020 it is simply this, we were all unwell.



I look towards this year with a pragmatic optimism, one that asks me to remain as conscious as possible about my intentions and how I go about achieving them. We are heading towards a more awakened sense of living and as scary as that may be, I am confident that we will all grow more well simply in the attempt to be intimately in tune with ourselves.


O U R   F O C U S


  This year comes with a very clear intention - stay woke.

We want to call ourselves into the  moment as much as we can, we want to   avoid automated living as much as possible and we want to be conscious for the   evolution within. 

This year, B O W I E  R A E wants to continue the work of shaking up the all too familiar narrative of the wedding- what it means to be a bride and how it is supposed to feel to get married. We are dedicating our time and resources to reshape the industry, bringing back a truth and authenticity to the love story that is ultimately only Yours. You cannot make it commercial, you cannot make it one shape, one size, one colour - after all, everyone is permitted to live their love story and more importantly, tell their love story their way. 

B O W I E   R A E 


We are Bridal You Way. 

You Voice, Your style, Your story and Your way of love, we want to celebrate it all,

Your Way.

We found ourselves back to this central ethos last year in the midst of the space and isolation we were forced into and this years challenge is to stay in this space and really flesh it out, because if we've seen anything last year it is simply that Modern, contemporary, fashion-inspired Bridal is not a niche market at all - 

It is Bridal. 

Every bride wants to be herself. Every love story wants to tell itself. Finally, there is permission, there is an avenue and we are just one of the many emerging brands that are wanting to work closely with You, specifically and especially, to make sure your very own Love Story is Celebrated and Narrated in your very own way... from the Dress and beyond!

Wishing everyone a New Year of fresh perspective, bolder intentions and to be more well than you were last year- one breath at a time,

Mannie xx




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