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We've said it over and over again, Bowie Rae is Bridal Your Way
A unique fashion-inspired bridal label that wants to put
in ultimate control of your final look
We feel you because we were you!
We know what it's like trying to find something to wear for perhaps the most important outfit you'll ever wear when everything out there is a 'wedding dress'. Instead of having to go through the overwhelm of custom making your gown from scratch, we've created a wardrobe of base pieces that all work together.
The beauty is that every time you change one element of the outfit, the whole look changes, staying true to our mission

"that no two Bowie Brides need look the same"  





 "I want to be in the business of empowering women. If I can make a woman feel more empowered and more herself just by stepping into a Bowie Rae she helped create, that's one small way we can move together to help shift the way we think of fashion and there's no better avenue to change the way we do fashion than the bridal industry. By not making complete set gowns, I feel like we are starting to revolutionise the way we see 'ready-to-wear' fashion. If we can make what we wear an extension of the woman, something that becomes our second skin rather than something to conceal it, then I think we're moving in the right direction" 
Designer Mannie explores a more woman-focused method to her ready-to-wear collection, shifting from creating set gowns or separates and instead, designing collections that all work to create a closet of options. Giving brides an experience of 'dressing up' and creating their own Bowie Rae is hopefully one way we can get rid of the anxiety and insecurities that somehow feel synonymous with wedding dress shopping.
Instead, we hope to create an experience - one that puts the focus and creative direction right where it belongs, 
on You.


Our Bowie Style Files will launch soon as we take you behind the scenes into the Your Art Bridal studio for a special one on one consultation. Mannie attempts to talk you through some of her favourite Bowie Rae combinations; as many as we could create in one session - but don't worry, we'll get back in there for more soon enough - Distinguishing Bowie Rae as a unique ready-to-wear fashion bridal label that offers choice and a range of styling services all designed to be woman-focused rather than design focused
Book your own appointment and get access to the entire Bowie Rae collection to have your very own private 'dress ups' consultation. After all, we couldn't possibly show you every, single Bowie Rae look ... the options really are endless! 



All photos captured by local beauty and talent Louise Purvis at the Beautiful Your Art Bridal studio

Hair and Makeup by Chantele Elliott

Model Ellen Knight